Fit Britain.

Is is just me or is the BBC sounding insufferably superior when it reports that the English are healthier than Americans:

But despite looking, the researchers did not find any real evidence that differences in obesity, alcohol consumption or physical activity were to blame.

And although a larger share of Americans are uninsured or under insured compared to populations in England or other European countries, even groups with good access to health insurance experienced worse health than people in England.

No one is sure why, really.

But even the best guesses are (for an American) infuriating:

Public health experts suggested more generous holiday entitlements and more favourable working conditions in the UK might also play a part.

A spokesperson from the Department of Health said: “The NHS offers care free to all at the point of use and based on need.

“Whilst in some areas our outcomes may be favourable compared with those in the US, we are still clear that we have a long way to go before we achieve outcomes comparable with the best performing health systems.

“That is exactly why we are modernising the NHS.”