SONG: “Humidity”


“Humidity.” [Download]
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ARTIST: grant.

SOURCE: Based on Star Found Shooting Water “Bullets”, National Geographic, 13 June 2011, as used in the post “Star sprinklers”.

ABSTRACT: Dude, it’s hot. Why is it so hot? Humidity. Feels like 98 in the shade. Sweating won’t make you any cooler. Where’d this humidity come from?

From space, I guess. It was here before we were.

It’s so hot. I can’t think. I wish the A/C worked.


The heat wrapped us up and it smothered us / /don’t hold me so tight.
You lay on a towel on the couch in the shade / / it’s too hot to fight
(D) Sweating like a glass of iced tea. / / You were making those eyes at me
In this humidity

And the hum of the fan is all that held us together/ / As we both peeled off our shirts
And we prayed for a little bit of wind / / And a little more freon couldn’t hurt
(D) Put frozen bananas in the blender
When we were little kids, remember / / how the summer seemed to last an eternity.
Like this humidity

Weather used to blow in from Clewiston / / As soon as you’d need a shower
Every day, thunderheads rolled up like clockwork / / Keeping track of the hours
(D) I guess the mainspring got rusty
Now all that’s left is our memories
And this humidity.

The sun wrapped itself in its hydrogen
It burned with all the passion of its youth
Till it sprayed jets of water like a sprinkler in the void
Washing over the place we’d one day be
In this humidity.

And the spinning summer sun was all that held us together / / As we kicked aside the sheets
And we prayed for a little bit of wind / / And an afternoon rain would sure be sweet
(D) Put frozen bananas in the blender
Acting like little kids when the weather seemed to last an eternity
Like this humidity