Doctor dolphin

26 July 2011 grant b 0

Georgetown University researchers want to know why – and how – dolphins are so good at healing themselves: A dolphin’s ability to heal quickly from […]

Song delay

23 July 2011 grant b 0

What, it’s the 23rd and there’s no song? Yes, it’s true. I’m moving (yet again) and have been unable to record between the packing and […]

Orbiting Vesta

20 July 2011 grant b 0

NASA’s not landing on the moon – it’s not even firing off Space Shuttles any more – but it IS taking a long, close look […]

Oupa Neanderthal

19 July 2011 grant b 0

University of Montreal researchers have determined that if you’ve got European ancestors, congratulations – you’re part Neanderthal: Neanderthals, whose ancestors left Africa about 400,000 to […]

Sounds curvy.

18 July 2011 grant b 1

The word “bouba” sounds curvier than the word “kiki” no matter what language you’re used to hearing, New Scientist explains. That odd phenomenon unravels the […]