SONG: Evert 1 Pipkin (penitential Man or Astro-Man? cover)


“Evert 1 Pipkin” [Download]

ARTIST: grant. Originally by Man or Astro-Man?

SOURCE: This is a penitential cover. It’s not from any specific scientific study… although the original may have come from space. You can hear it here, or just buy the Made From Technetium album and be happy.

ABSTRACT: This song is brilliant and deserves many more listeners, and I have done terrible, terrible things to it. It is an ode to musical equipment. “Microphone, take this sound.” For a band known for its instrumentals, they sure put together a great lyric for this one.

A pipkin, by the way, is a clay pot used something like a crucible – stick it in the hottest part of the fire – but the cooking vessel also gave its name to a family. I kinda think the family gave its name to an electronic component (part of a speaker?) but I can find no evidence of that online. Hmm. A mystery. There’s also some confusion as to whether the middle character is an “l” or a “1”. I vote for numeral. Fits the feel of the song better.

Recorded with an electric guitar, a cassette recorder and lots of different beeping things.