Teeth started outside.

28 November 2011 grant b 0

Then, Australia’s ABC Science tells us, they gradually moved inside our mouths: The study, published in the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, supports what is known […]

The doorway of forgetting.

22 November 2011 grant b 0

Researchers at the University of Notre Dame have found a strange link between forgetting things and walking through doorways: New research from University of Notre […]

Ever wanted to be an astronaut?

17 November 2011 grant b 0

NASA’s hiring: Job Title:Astronaut Candidate Department:National Aeronautics & Space Administration Agency:Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center Job Announcement Number:JS12A0001 SALARY RANGE: $64,724.00 to $141,715.00 / Per […]

The autism puzzle.

16 November 2011 grant b 0

Scientific American looks over the mystery surrounding autism – and why, less than 75 years after it was first identified, the syndrome seems to be […]