Blood rice.

Not rice the cost of which is blood (I mean, not as in “blood diamonds”) but rice that PopSci says actually grows human blood:

HSA is important for treatment of a wide array of maladies, including severe burns, liver cirrhosis and hemorrhagic shock, and it’s a key ingredient in drug and vaccine tests. But its primary source is donated human plasma, so it is in short supply around the world….

Rice will keep in storage for long periods, it’s easy to grow and maintain, and it is also particularly good at accumulating DNA from other organisms, [researchers led by Yang He and Daichang Yang at Wuhan University in China] write in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

To make the transgenic rice, the team introduced recombinant HSA protein promoters into brown rice plants using Agrobacterium.

Bacteria that “infect” rice with blood. That’s goth.