Science Art: Pfd-symbols, from the free open source program, Dia.

Image from Wikimedia Commons.

These symbols show steps in various chemical processes – the things you can do to change substances. Well, the things chemical engineers can do, one step leading into the next.

The symbols represent:

  • fan/stirrer, pneumatic line, pneumatic line vertical, measurement, simple heat exchanger
  • simple heat exchanger vertical, alternative heat exchanger, alternative heat exchanger, fixed-sheet heat exchanger, floating-head or u-tube heat exchanger.
  • kettle reboiler, air cooler, forced-flow air cooler, induced-flow air cooler, plate exchanger.
  • double-pipe exchanger, heating/cooling coil, heating/cooling coil, simple furnace, simple vessel, knockout drum, tray column, tray column detailed
  • fluid contacting vessel, reaction/absorption vessel, autoclave, open tank, clarifier/settling tank, sealed tank, covered tank, tank with fixed roof
  • tank with floating roof, storage sphere, gas holder basic, centrifugal pump or fan, positive displacement rotary pump or compressor, reciprocating pump or compressor, axial flow fan
  • compressor or turbine, ejector or injector, AC generator, valve, valve, control valve, control valve
  • basic filter, mixer, cyclonic seperation or hydrocyclone, spray dryer, centrifuge

Somebody’s probably already made a symbol set like this for writing, haven’t they?