You are a hive mind.

Scientific American is seething with the swarm of possibilities that bring every human decision down to the level of bees:

To Dr. Thomas Seeley, a professor of neurobiology at Cornell University, the hive mind is more than just a metaphor. In a recent paper in Science, Seeley and his colleagues describe a potential deep parallel between how brains and bee swarms come to a decision. With no central planner or decider, both brains and bee hives can resolve their inner differences to commit to single courses of action.

To watch a group of bees is to see a frenzy of different interests coalesce into a single, clear thought. This is analogous to neurons in the brain, which must reach a consensus on how to achieve a behavioral goal by positioning the body in space. Bees in a hive must do something similar when deciding where to move the superorganism that is the swarm.

Part of me wants to credit Harkaway for finding this.