Commander Hadfield gets together with Barenaked Lady.

No, he’s not doing *that* on the ISS. The commander is, like The Postal Service, making music via a long-distance collaboration… only his is with the earthbound Ed Robertson of the Barenaked Ladies:

It’s actually really bizarre. We’ll get off on some other tangents, like I bought an old truck and he was telling me his dad restores old trucks and has just completed a beautiful restoration of a 100-year-old Model A Ford. It’s gorgeous. He sent me the photo, and I was like, “You just emailed a photo of a 100-year-old truck in a hangar in Milton, Ont., but you sent it to me from space!”

As far as the music goes, Chris has been doing his vocal parts and sending them down to me, and the producer has been mixing them into the rough demo we have. I’ve been sculpting my harmony and counter-melody ideas, so now I can scratch a version and send it right back up and ask him what he thinks. It’s really quite amazing.

Song should be out on Friday.

[via the commander himself, on the Twitter]