Australia faces their own house-eating snail invasion.

Smithsonian might terrify the Australian homeowner with their coverage of the the latest giant snail invasion:

The giant African snail is a true nightmare. These snails grow to the size of a baseball, can lay 1,200 eggs every year, survive all sorts of extreme temperatures, have no natural predators, and eat 500 crops, plus the sides of houses. Also, they carry meningitis that can infect and kill humans. Somewhat understandably, Australia isn’t pleased with any of this. So when one of these snails showed up in a shipping container yard in Brisbane, it was seized by Australian officials and destroyed, as quickly as possible.

Of course, these house-eaters are nothing new for the Sunshine State. They’re also return visitors Down Under:

The last time Australia dealt with the snail was in 1977, when they spent eight months hunting the invaders and exterminated 300 of them. Florida has dealt with the snail in the past too, spending a million dollars in 1975 to get rid of the snail that they estimated cost $11 million in damages each year.

It’s like a giant game of house-eating red rover out there.

[via Daemon]