SONG: “So Heavy”


“So Heavy” [Download]
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ARTIST: grant.

SOURCE: Based on “Super-dense celestial bodies could be a new kind of planet,” Nature, 13 March 2013, as used in the post “Super-dense… *things*… are a new kind of planet.”

ABSTRACT: How could one resist wandering ice giants? Bodies that have been through something so traumatic yet not been destroyed – merely made hard. Dense. Heavy. This is what emotionally damaged people aspire to, sometimes. To be like these things.

I recorded on a 10-year-old version of Garageband, and assembled a guitar solo by cut and pasting the clips that came with it. That was the very last thing. I started with a drone in A and a drum beat that had a snare on the 4-and… that was all I needed for a while. Made some chords by moving fingers around a couple nights ago. Added a lament bass chorus after reading about it (and noticing that Led Zeppelin used one, too). Wrote the lyrics on the back of an envelope while driving on I95 this morning. Thought about Portishead and sang it.

And here it is.