SONG: “Beautiful People” (a penitential Books cover)


“Beautiful People” (penitential cover) [Download]
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ARTIST: grant.

SOURCE: This is a cover (a late one) making up for a late song in April. Now, I owe one more cover for May. Mea maxima culpa. This song was written by the curiously academic and oddly moving Books.

ABSTRACT: I was searching for songs about science and this came up. What a peculiar and brilliant artifact – a math rock/electronica hymn to tangrams. I sort of fixated on the hymn part, and thought about what might happen if The Books were ever invited to A Prairie Home Companion, which is where I hear most of my songs of praise nowadays.

It became kind of important to me that this be done all acoustically. I had a church organ part for the second chorus sprouting in my head, but since I don’t have a church organ in my living room (despite my best efforts), I left it out. Improvised a tambourine using some belly-dancing bells, rather than sampling one. It’s all real.

It’s hard counting to odd numbers while you’re singing.