Zookeepers baffled by spooked baboons.

BBC says that’s what’s going on in the Netherlands. The baboons were terrified, but no one knows why;

The behaviour started on Monday evening, and only now are the 112 baboons becoming their normal, active selves again, said a biologist at Emmen Zoo.

The zoo still has no idea what spooked the hamadryas baboons, but it is a good sign that some are now eating apples, biologist Wijbren Landman said.

The zoo last saw such hysteria in 2007.

“What frightened them? We don’t know, it’s a mystery. There have been many suggestions – an earthquake, escaped snakes, aliens, thunder,” Mr Landman told BBC News.

“The other animals here are OK – they have lemurs, elephants and kangaroos as neighbours, and they show no sign of panic.”

Might it be some kind of mass hysteria brought on by captivity? Or maybe they were just messing with the biologists….