3D smartphone display, no glasses required.

We’re getting closer to having hologram projectors in our pockets, as befits people living in the future. PhysOrg reports on the latest step – a system that converts mobile-device displays into three-dimensional images:

Launched earlier this year, EyeFly3D, the first glasses-free 3D accessory for smartphones, has just picked up its first award from IES. The technology is based on a simple concept of taking a regular plastic film and engineering about half a million uniform-sized mini lenses onto its surface, turning the plastic into an add-on screen protector that produces unprecedented, distortion-free, brilliant 3D content on mobile devices.

For this engineering feat, scientists from A*STAR’s IMRE and TP employ a combination of materials nanotechnology and integrated software, using a unique nanoimprinting process on the plastic – akin to making a waffle – to create an array of high resolution lenses. The engineered lenses are so small that they are barely visible to the human eye and do not impact the visual quality of mobile screens as seen through the plastic.

Kind of interesting, if it works the way they say it does.