Amazon’s fleet of flying robots

Mashable looks to the skies at Amazon’s latest innovation in delivery – a fleet of flying robots bringing YOUR Christmas present:

A video of how the service will work has already been posted to YouTube, showing the process of the package being taken from the warehouse floor and on to the front steps of the customer’s home. The idea is to have the drone deliver orders roughly 30 minutes after the customer hits the “buy” button on

Bezos was so excited about the news that he kept the details under wraps until just before the interview with the network began. According to the producers of 60 Minutes, before the unveiling, Bezos said, “If you can guess what it is, then… I will give you half my fortune and send you to Vegas with it.”

Reacting to the unveiling of the Amazon-branded drone, Bezos interviewer Charlie Rose said, “I had no idea what its purpose was at first glance… They actually look like something out of a Philip K. Dick novel.”

More available on the 60 Minutes website, for the show where Bezos broke the news.