SONG: “Like a Rooster at Dawn”


“Like A Rooster At Dawn” [Download]
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ARTIST: grant.

SOURCE: Based on “Duck-billed dinosaur had rooster-like cock comb,” New Scientist, 12 December 2013, as used in the post “Duck-billed dinosaur redrawn – because they had ‘rooster-like’ combs.”

I like kwela music, and I like dinosaurs. I guess this would be more appropriate if Edmontosaurus lived in South Africa rather than Canada, but I don’t care. Feels right to me. It’s bouncy! It’s proud! Just like a giant dinosaur with a colorful crest. Even if the lyrics reference extinction on a global scale.

Recording was fairly simple once I got the guitar part down. (Oddly, I suppose, the main thing that made all the other parts fall into place is the quick F#-E-D-B walkdown at the end of the even-numbered verses. It’s like half a measure long. Made everything else make sense.)

This is the least wintry of any of the December songs I’ve done as long as I’ve been doing this. After the year I’ve had, I’m ready for spring.


On the earliest morning
Before the time slipped away
All our colors were forming
Before the start of the day
– Like a rooster at dawn

The sky is falling
the stars kiss the ground
Even the ashes are burning
I hear the trumpets sound
– Like a rooster at dawn

Put our best days behind us
Turn to face the unknown
As the sun fades to starlight
As the skin fades to bone

And year after year after / year
After hopes after / fears after all this is gone.
And year after year we are / here
after all we are / here like a rooster at dawn
– Like a rooster at dawn