SONG: “The Impossible One”


“The Impossible One” [Download]
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ARTIST: grant.

SOURCE: Based on “Earth-mass exoplanet is no Earth twin,” Nature, 6 January 2014, as used in the post “Earth-like planets might not be so Earth-like… as gassy Earth shows” (with a dash of “The impossible planet” sprinkled on for seasoning).

ABSTRACT: Singing in 7/8 is really hard. Planets are really weird. Earth-like isn’t really Earth-like. Unpredictable.


There are 40 billion planets
They’d describe as Earth-like
About the right size
The right length from their suns

But on close inspection
All 40 billion planets
Each of them different
Each impossible one

Let’s take one would-be sister
the right size and distance
Look for islands and oceans
Instead it has none

Only clouds on the surfaces
Clouds all the way down
An Earth made of clouds
Seems like an impossible one.

We like to think of ourselves
as inevitable somethings
Put the pieces in motion
Let the gears run

If we start the clock over
We might never get here
Against all those exceptions
We’re the impossible ones
We’re the impossible ones