SONG: “The Road We Wander”

24 February 2014 grant 0

SONG: “The Road We Wander.” [Download] (To download: double right-click & “Save As”) ARTIST: grant. SOURCE: Based on “Monarch migration may become extinct,” Laboratory Equipment, […]

Elephants empathize.

19 February 2014 grant 0

Science magazine reaches out with new research showing that elephants don’t just mourn their dead, but also try to comfort those in anguish: The study […]

Mother’s milk made to order.

17 February 2014 grant 0

Breastfeeding, the Australian Broadcasting Corp tells us, is a little more bespoke than one might expect: “Mothers are producing different biological recipes for sons and […]

A cure for love.

14 February 2014 grant 0

New Scientist examines the biochemical roots of the emotion we call “love” – and the chemicals we could take to reverse the symptoms: …[E]thics aside, […]