A $50 home-printed hand beats a $42,000 prosthetic.

Washington Post explores the friendship between Jeremy Simon, a 3D-printer “tinkerer” and Jose Delgado, a 53-year-old man who was born without a hand… and who prefers Simon’s “Cyborg Beast” to the pretty (but not so functional) myoelectric hand:

With a 3-D printer and $50 worth of materials, Simon made Delgado a hand that Delgado says makes his life easier, especially at work, where he often lifts and moves boxes.

The 3-D printed hand, a model known as the Cyborg Beast, gives him 10 movable, functional fingers, whereas the old hand, which looked more real, only allowed him to grip things with two fingers and a thumb, Delgado said in a video interview posted on YouTube.

Delgado also said driving and carrying bags is easier with his new hand. Another bonus is that if the hand breaks, it can be replaced cheaply.

Here’s that video interview:

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