SONG: Could you tell me your name?


“Could You Tell Me Your Name?” [Download]

ARTIST: grant.

SOURCE: Based on“Anxiety and sleeping pills ‘linked to dementia'”, BBC News, 9 September 2014, as used in the post “Worried? Trouble sleeping? Congrats, you might have a higher risk of Alzheimer’s.”

ABSTRACT: For the first week of September, or maybe a little longer, I went on this (for me, kinda weird) soul kick and wound up programming the drums and a rough form of that Rhodes part to kind of work it out of my system. (It’s all about the two. Make everything happen on the two.) I forgot about it for three weeks.

Then, I kinda decided the most song-like science story was about Alzheimer’s. And I remembered. Oh, there’s that thing you did, right? Maybe you could make a lyric work with that.

Well, I am no Al Green. I’m not even Al Green’s grandmother’s demented red-tick hound. And because of the way my life works, I had to record this in the living room at night while everyone else slept. So shhh!

The delivery kind of works for the subject matter – a father not recognizing his daughter, but knowing that she looks kind of familiar, like an older version of his little girl back home. The one who made him worry so much, he was taking Xanax and sleeping pills… and now look where it got him.