Talk to a friend in space. Or friends of a friend in space.

Business Insider, among other sources, has a neat piece on an even neater app that lets you talk to someone on the ISS:

talian astronaut Samantha Cristoferetti is currently aboard the International Space Station, orbiting Earth at more than 16,000 miles per hour.

Ten years ago, it would have been impossible for Cristoferetti to regularly communicate with her friends, family, and fans, but thanks to a new web app, you’re now able to send Cristoferetti a tiny hello with just a push of a green button.

Through the website’s main dashboard, you can watch live video from the ISS as it orbits, check up on what Cristoferetti’s doing today, and hear what’s going on aboard the ISS with live audio.

If Cristoferetti isn’t in range of your particular section of Earth, you don’t have to worry for long. The ISS orbits the Earth 15 times a day, and in the meantime, you can always say hello to other users and watch them ping you back from across the ocean.

The app lives here, at, and has a really hypnotic map showing where on Earth the Space Station is looking over, and who’s down there, looking up.