SONG: “Particles of Attraction” (penitential AJ Allulli cover)


“Particles of Attraction” (penitential cover) [Download]
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ARTIST: grant.

SOURCE: This is a cover making up for a late song in December. (And I’m still one in the hole – sorry.) This song was written by AJ Allulli, who fortuitously entered it into the Cover Swap project initiated on reddit’s We Are The Music Makers sub-board.

ABSTRACT: Yes, so this is both a penitential cover and a cover swap cover. Hopefully, someone will do something interesting to this old Guild song, which I always thought needed something more.

AJ Allulli’s original had a great beat and some lovely robotic vocoder stuff, so I decided to go 180 degrees opposite and do a cover that’s 100% acoustic. Well, it’s an electric bass, but I mic’ed the amp. I still can’t really play the erhu, but it doubles well enough for a Camper Van Beethoven-style fiddle. And the vocals did just what I wanted them to do (which is rare enough for me).

Hoe yourself down, folks.