Full body transplants.

26 February 2015 grant 0

New Scientist seems to be going a little around the bend with transplants this week (witness hand enthusiasm), especially when it comes to the prospect […]

SONG: White coffee and omelets.

24 February 2015 grant 0

SONG: “White Coffee and Omelets.” [Download] ARTIST: grant. SOURCE: Based on “Cut Sugary Drinks; Add Coffee, Eggs“, Laboratory Equipment, 20 February 2015,as used in the […]

Breakfast is championed (at last)

21 February 2015 grant 0

Laboratory Equipment preaches the (newly embraced) health benefits of a cholesterol-laden, high-caffeine breakfast, championing the joys of coffee and eggs, hold the sugar, not the […]

Stronger than spider silk

20 February 2015 grant 2

Washington Post reveals the natural substance that beats spider silk for toughness, and diamonds for hardness – and it’s limpet teeth: In a study set […]

Meet the Ruby Seadragon

18 February 2015 grant 0

Science Daily introduces us to a brand new sea creature, bright red and fantastically delicate, dubbed the ruby seadragon: Using DNA and anatomical research tools, […]

The DNA hard drive.

17 February 2015 grant 0

New Scientist marvels at the ability of DNA to store information, with a realization that glassed-in genes could safely store information for millennia: Just 1 […]

Telescopic contact lenses

16 February 2015 grant 0

They’re not exactly pretty yet, but New Scientist has the skinny on a real James Bond-style super-gadget, telescopic contact lenses: Developed by a team led […]

The age of the elephant rats.

9 February 2015 grant 0

Live Science describes a new sort of prehistoric monster – a bull-sized rodent with elephant-like tusks: An amateur paleontologist first unearthed the skull of an […]