Dinosaur eggs in the big city.

Sometimes, as South China Morning Post demonstrates, you just can’t dig a hole in some parts of China without making some kind of remarkable dinosaur discovery:

The fossils were discovered earlier this month during road works in Heyuan in Guangdong province, the website Chinanews.com reported.

The fossilised eggs were large with one 13cm in diameter, Du Yanli, the director of the city’s Dinosaur Museum, was quoted as saying. Nineteen were completely intact.

Experts at the Chinese Academy of Sciences will examine the eggs to find out what species of dinosaur they belonged to, the report said.

Heyuan has dubbed itself the “Home of Dinosaurs”.

The city authorities say 17,000 fragments of fossilised dinosaur eggs have been found in the area since the first discovery was made on a river bank in 1996.

The latest discovery is the first of its kind to be made in central areas of the city, the report said.