Pocahontas was married here. In this church.

Well, sort of. Popular Archaeology traces the efforts now underway to rebuild the Jamestown church where Pocahontas was married:

About five years after the footprint of the first Jamestown colony church was discovered, archaeologists and other specialists are busy partially reconstructing the structure.

Based on the evidence recovered from the initial excavation of the church, archaeologists know that the building was constructed as a ‘mud and stud’ structure, where the walls of the building were constructed of simple wood posts in the ground with mud fill for the walls. Although the original wood construction has long vanished, the dimensions of the posthole traces in the soil and the overall measurements of the soil footprint of the structure matched the dimensions of the early church described in the record by William Strachey, Secretary of the colony. The modern construction crew has attempted to duplicate the construction process followed by the early colonists as much as possible, but are bonding the clay with a concrete/fiberglass compound to ensure visitor security. The original colonists used black rush from the surrounding marshes to obtain a similar bonding effect.

There’s a video of the construction at the link.