SONG: Levitating Diamonds (Tiny Impossible Things)


“Levitating Diamonds (Tiny Impossible Things)”. [Download]

ARTIST: grant.

SOURCE:Based on “Lasers used to levitate glowing nanodiamonds in a vacuum”, Science Daily, 7 Sep 2015, as used in the post “A laser levitating glowing nanodiamonds in a vacuum..”

ABSTRACT: I really wanted to use “A laser levitating nanodiamonds in a vacuum” as a lyric, because it’s got such a great rhythm, but no, it didn’t happen.

Musically, things fell together well – I came up with chords on a guitar, and to save time, transposed them into a MIDI thing with an Irish harp soundfont or something like that. The only “live” guitar on here is the little accent tweedles at the end of each verse, laden with all kinds of distortion and delay.

Idea-wise, I’m not sure this conveys how weird it is to have something large enough to witness (in some way) that’s in a Schrodinger’s Cat-style superposition. I mean, I’m not sure I even understand how weird it is, just that it’s weird. Also, sometimes the diamonds “sublimate” – they vanish, probably melted into vapor by the little laser heating the teeny tiny flaws inside their teeny tiny bodies. Foomf! It’s gone.


Lyrics Levitating Diamonds

Nearly impossible things
We’re balanced
On the head of a pin
We’re dancing
Two ways to spin

The laser levitates
The diamond oscillates

(V2) Positions
We are pushed into place
We are pulled out of space
We are hiding our faces

The laser levitates
The glowing diamond states

(V3) Magnetic
Going separate ways
Two circles
In an opposite phase
We’re empty
And sublimate in a blaze.

The laser levitates (We’re tiny)
The diamond oscillates (Impossible things)
We’re neither here nor there (We’re tiny)
Suspended with no air (Impossible things)

We’re flawless
We’re balanced
We’re in between