Team Rainbow Power finds Denmark’s largest trove of Viking gold.

Denmark’s The Local reports on three plucky archaeologists who (apparently) have made a historic find of Viking treasure in Jutland:

The three archaeologists, who call themselves Team Rainbow Power, found seven bracelets from the Viking Age in a field in Vejen Municipality in Jutland. The bracelets, six gold and one silver, date to around the year 900.

With a combined weight of around 900 grammes, the find is the largest ever discovery of Viking gold in Denmark.

Team Rainbow Power member Marie Aagaard Larsen said that she had only been on the field for around ten minutes before striking gold – literally.

“We really felt like we had found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow when we found the first bracelet, but when others then appeared it was almost unreal,” she said in a National Museum of Denmark press release.

Two of the newly-founded bracelets were made in the so-called Jelling style that is associated with the elite members of society during the Viking Age. Peter Pentz, a Viking expert at the National Museum, said the bracelets could have been used by a Viking leader to form alliances or to reward his faithful followers.

“Just finding one of these bracelets would have been major so it is very special to find seven,” Pentz said.

There’s a photo of Team Rainbow Power at the link.

You would not expect those folks to have this name, but there it is.