Science Art: Longitudinal Section of “Star” Class Four-Cylinder 4-6-0, by AJ Creswell, 1963.

A train! From
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A train! A big ol’ train!

This image is one of many found in H.A.V. Bulleid’s Master Builders of Steam, a book about those big ol’ engines moving big ol’ loads with a heck of a lot of speed. Comparatively.

From the Preface: The author of this book, given an advantageous view-point (and using it, as a practical engineer should), has told us that these data and anecdotes and reminiscences have at least some value in illuminating the humanistic art of engineering. We agree.

It’s good to be reminded that engineering is a humanistic art. These are things we build to use. They are extensions of ourselves.

A “Star” Class 4-6-0, by the way, was kind of retro even when it came out in 1907 – built to be part of a wonderfully named group of classic locomotives.