SONG: “In Circles” (a penitential Einstürzende Neubauten cover)


“In Circles” (penitential cover) [Download]

ARTIST: grant.

SOURCE: This has no scientific source; it’s a penitential cover for being late for the November song (which I still owe…). It’s originally by Einstürzende Neubauten.

This is the first music thing I’ve done on my new old laptop. It’s a Lenovo Thinkpad T61 running Ubuntu Studio (I have moved up from Lubuntu, gods have mercy on my souls), and it seems to be going pretty darn swell for me. I could use a little more RAM, but the keys click nicely under the fingers and Reaper hasn’t been crashing too terribly much.

The song I found pretty much at random – I was never much of a goth-industrial fan (Bauhaus, yes, Throbbing Gristle, sure, back in the day, but not so much Einstürzende Neubauten). But I was making, for no real reason, a YouTube playlist of songs about circles and started looking for more of them and found this thing. What a charming little artifact. Homemade percussion. Allusions to charm quarks. Experimental noise in a Help!-era-Beatles-song-length dose.

I could tell within seconds it was secretly a waltz (with a quietness on the threes), and I knew I wanted to figure it out.

On my recording, the middle part consists of a bunch of guitar figures doing something I stole from a Balinese kecak chant, where different people have different odd-numbered sequences they chant out in a group, making a polyrhythm. There are twos, threes, fours, fives and sixes going on at once there. There’s also a slowed-down cartoon sound-effect of a breaking string, and some sped-up sonar signals.

One voice, one guitar, a drum set, a doubled double bass & cello, fewer VST effects than you’d think and out before the two-and-half-minute mark. I can dig it.