Science Art: Australia’s Largest Birds, from What Bird Is That? by Neville William Cayley.

from What Bird Is That? by Neville W. Cayley (1984), page 22. First published 1931.Click to embiggen

Big birds haven’t changed too much since 1931.

These are:

  1. Anseranas semipalmata
  2. Pelecanus conspicillatus
  3. Casuarius casuarius
  4. Cereopsis novaehollandiae
  5. Ardeotis australis
  6. Grus rubicunda
  7. Grus antigone
  8. Xenorhynchus asiaticus
  9. Cygnus atratus
  10. Dromaius novaehollandiae

And very grand they are, too.

Pelicans, cassowaries, black swans and emus. And a few friends (mostly geese).