Science Art: NASA spacecraft comparison, by D. Meltzer.

from to embiggen vastly. You can see the astronauts’ faces!

“Here am I floating in a tin can,” indeed.

Here’s how much room some of the first humans in space – the first Americans, at least – had to live in. Going into the great emptiness of the celestial void sure was a crowded business.

Illustration of the relative sizes of the one-man Mercury spacecraft, the two-man Gemini spacecraft, and the three-man Apollo spacecraft. Also shows line drawing of launch vehicles (Saturn V, Titan II and Atlas-D) to show their relative size to each other and the position of the spacecraft at launch (highlighted at top).

The artist, Davis Paul Meltzer, was appreciated not too long ago on gizmodo, here.

Found in Wikimedia Commons’ Picture of the Day archive.