SONG: I Spent a Week in the Dark


“I Spent a Week in the Dark” [Download]

ARTIST: grant.

SOURCE: Science Daily, 8 December 2019, “A week in the dark rewires brain cell networks and changes hearing in adult mice,” as used in the post “A week in the dark rewires the brain (and boosts hearing sensitivity).

I’ve been doing this for more than 10 years, and now, suddenly, my wife is taking an active interest in how these songs get put together. The chorus to this came about because she said she liked the word “whisper” and I should use it.

Of course, at that moment, I had created an entirely different song, a monstrous thing in 6/4 time with a thunking bassline and a melody line that I’d managed to put in my head, write lyrics for, and then totally forget (the bass, in my defense, was just GGGGGGGG-E-E, so, uh, right). Anyway, I had some lyrics, nothing was fitting, and so I just wrote this kind of backwards from how I normally do it. Words, a notion that it should be in some kind of waltz time, then a drum beat (electronic first, then some John Bonham samples as accents), then ambient sounds in a key, then I recorded the first words, then with that melody in place, I chunked at it for a day or so with a guitar and chords happened. Which is all wrong, you know? You’re supposed to have the chords first….

Yet it worked. Came together really well. I’m writing this in a hotel room in Stony Creek, Virginia, having stolen moments here and there on a big road trip to unmuddy vocals as best I could. Little harmonies. Syncing transients. Taking things away.

Anyway, pretty much as soon as I read the story about spending a week in the dark improving your hearing, I knew there was a song there. The darkness goes with the winter solstice, too. Hopefully, listening to this will not induce tinnitus or memory loss. But I won’t make any promises.

I really like how this one sounds in these headphones. Hope it sounds as good in yours.

Now, to get a couple of penitential covers done.


I spent a week in the dark
To hear the voices speaking
I thought the light was too hot
I thought I was thinking
In whispers…

I spent a week in the dark
I hear new frequencies
I thought my steps were too loud
I thought things spoke to me
In whispers…

I spent a week in the dark
Now I hear everything
I see the waveforms so clearly
I see vibrations shining
In whispers…