SONG: Under Orion’s Arms


“Under Orion’s Arms” [Download]

ARTIST: grant.

SOURCE:, 3 January 2020, “Will Bright Star Betelgeuse Finally Explode? A Look at the Dimming Red Giant in Orion’s Shoulder,” as used in the post “So Orion’s shoulder might be about to explode.

ABSTRACT: I’ve been binge-watching Twin Peaks: The Return over the last month. I guess this is what happens.

Had the organ down, like, after Episode 12. The guitars (so many guitars) followed in short order, with the main, Richard-Hawley melodic lead landing first. Then, around the time Dougie Jones was making the mobsters very happy, the news came out about Betelgeuse, “the armpit of the Central One,” suddenly changing its brightness. After Dale Cooper brought not-Laura Palmer back to the house that might not have ever been hers, I was thinking about mariners navigating, the idea of being star-crossed – what to do when these stationary markers we rely on suddenly changed. The inconstant sky.

I’d love it if any of the bands from the end credits heard this and decided to cover it. (At least one of them, I’ve communicated with a member – one of the Au Revoir Simone ladies is, or was, an astrophysicist studying at Columbia, and is now a tropical ecologist and perfumier.) Or somebody equally dreamy, like Lake Ruth. Sigh. The eternal reverb. The old man as fanboy.

This originally came out at almost 7 minutes long and the deedle-deedle second (or third) guitar was a lot more brittle and ear-piercing. The shortening was my idea; the un-brightening the deedle-guitar was my wife’s. I guess she’s my producer now. Helping with the taking away.


Vs: C Am F G
CH: F G E F / F C F E C

In the east
Rising above the beach
Our future was in our reach
Straight on till morning

Stars grow dim now, darkness spins,
I think of him with her.
The way that things once were
Under Orion’s arms

Steered by the lights we see
We promised we’d always be
As constant as constellations seem

Stars grow dim now, darkness spins,
I think of him with her.
The way that things once were.
Under the changing stars

Our promised land was
Built on the shifting sand
That we held between our hands
Not even stars last forever

The stars grow dim, the darkness spins,
I think of him with her.
The light we thought was sure
Under Orion’s arms