Some COVID-19 answers from Science News.

Science News has started a vetted Frequently Asked Questions page about the virus that’s on everyone’s mind now. It’s located here, but the most fun question and answer they saved for the end:

When will it end?

It’s a tough question for experts to answer, and right now, it’s unclear. It’s looking less likely that control efforts will stop the epidemic and cause the virus responsible for COVID-19 to disappear, as SARS did. That means that the virus could begin circulating permanently in humans, like influenza or the common cold. It’s unknown at this point if the virus might become seasonal like the flu.

The other questions are pretty informative, and the answers are being updated as new information comes to light. Might be worth a bookmark. (For the wilder, not-quite-official speculation, Reddit’s /r/COVID19 subreddit is pretty active, and does have some posts from people who seem to know what they’re talking about – data visualizations and preprint studies included.)