Dinosaur cannibals.

30 May 2020 grant 0

Popular Science makes some of the most terrifying creatures of prehistory even more terrifying with reconstructed evidence that flesh-eating dinosaurs got hungry enough to eat […]

SONG: In the Ring

24 May 2020 grant 0

SONG: “In the Ring” [Download] . ARTIST: grant. SOURCE: Scientific American, 4 May 2020, “A Shiny Snack Bag’s Reflections Can Reconstruct the Room around It,” […]

Better bottles.

19 May 2020 grant 0

The Guardian looks forward to a time when our plastic bottles will be replaced with plant-based containers that turn into, essentially, mulch in a year: […]

A llama antibody.

7 May 2020 grant 0

I’m trying to keep COVID-19 research to a minimum here, just because there’s so much of it everywhere, but I couldn’t resist this piece from […]