Wave power is surging ahead.

31 August 2021 grant 0

Scientific American reports on new advances made by a team of Portuguese researchers toward getting electricity from the endless motion of the ocean: Waves alone […]

SONG: Curling at the Edges

24 August 2021 grant 0

SONG: “Curling at the Edges” [Download] . ARTIST: grant. SOURCE: Science, 1 Aug 19, “The Milky Way is more warped than astronomers thought,” as used […]

Viable sperm sent on a postcard

6 August 2021 grant 0

New Scientist opens a new, fertile field of biological research with the discovery at Japan’s University of Yamanashi that it’s possible to freeze-dry viable sperm […]

Bees on java.

3 August 2021 grant 0

Scientific American marvels at caffeinated bumblebees, and the researchers who give busy bees caffeine and sugar to make them more focused and efficient: [University of […]