SONG: Deeper Than Love (a penitential Colleen Green cover)


“Deeper Than Love (a penitential Colleen Green cover)” [Download]

ARTIST: grant.

SOURCE: There is no scientific source. This is a penitential cover of this Colleen Green song recorded for being late with an original song.

I feel more self-conscious than usual posting this cover up, I think because … well, I have no illusions that I kind of come across as “a funny little man” a lot of the time, musically, and this is a song that a lot of people take sort of personally. And since the original was already kind of in my wheelhouse – a lo-fi artist playing with the New Wave paintbox – I decided to try doing a close cover. Usually, I don’t do that. I’m much more interested in finding a new way of looking at a song, or way to dig out something hidden just below the surface. Uncover by covering.

And all these covers are also a way for me to point out how often and how deeply pop culture borrows from the aesthetics of science. This song is obviously an attempt to self-analyze, but it also, in the second verse, owns that fact that this urge is somehow clinical, that there’s something about intimacy that we are compelled to engage with at a remove, like a surgeon or a technologist … even though this compulsion can damage the very thing it is studying, which is our innermost selves and our ability to relate to other people. We observe, we analyze, we empirically hypothesize.

I’m a funny little man with a funny childish voice and an oversized attraction to big words in pop songs. I like this song a great deal. I should apologize to Ms Green, I really should. Her meter was really, really hard to follow, because I have different instincts.

What did I do differently: My voice is cleaner that usual(which just goes against my grain) although there are two tracks sort of conversing with each other – one has a touch of reverb and the other is robot-ized by an autotuner. Instead of an electric guitar doing the little riff parts, I used a Rhodes, a mellotron, and a Moog. The bass part is a treated cello. I kind of faked whatever modular synth Green is using with a Soundfont of … I think it’s an N64 version of Zelda, but it’s called “The NES Soundfont,” with the “Duty Cycle” instrument selected.

Be kind to each other. I have another penitential cover due, I think, whenever I can get to it. But there’s an original I need to finish in the next couple of days first.