India has built an all-solar village.

Reuters reports on Modhera, Gujarat, the first 24/7, all-solar village built in India for ordinary folks to live without a local power plant:

The project in Modhera, financed by the federal and provincial government at nearly $10 million, involved setting up over 1,300 rooftop panels on residential and government buildings that were connected to a power plant.

The government buys excess energy produced here from residents if they do not use all of the capacity allotted to the households.

With this money, Praveen Bhai, 43, a tailor, plans to buy a gas connection and stove, since many houses in the village cook food in wood-fired stoves that leave a smoky haze.

“I had to teach the kids under the street lamp. Now they will be able to study inside the house.”

For Reena Ben, 36, a housewife, who also works as a tailor part time, the solar power has hugely aided her work.

“When we got access to solar power, I bought an electric motor worth 2,000 rupees ($24) to attach to the sewing machine. Now I am able to sew one or two more clothes daily.”