The internet isn’t all bots. It’s about *half* bots.

Security Magazine evaluates (using Imperva’s Bad Bot Report) just how much internet traffic comes from humans, and how much is automatically generated machines. The latest results aren’t looking so good for human communication:

A new report reveals that in 2022, 47.4% of all internet traffic came from bots, a 5.1% increase over the previous year. The same report showed that human traffic, at 52.6%, decreased to its lowest level in eight years.

For the fourth consecutive year, the volume of bad bot traffic — malicious automated software applications capable of high-speed abuse, misuse and attacks — grew to 30.2%, a 2.5% increase over 2021.

Account takeover (ATO) attacks increased 155% in 2022 and 15% of all login attempts in the past 12 months — across all industries — were classified as account takeover.

You can read more about the bot research here, in the 2023 Imperva Bad Bot Report.