Hot Ice

2 November 2023 grant 0

Science Alert checks out “superionic ice,” an exotic form of ice that stays solid at extremely hot temperatures and is probably floating around inside the […]

Stone Age flip-flops

28 October 2023 grant 0

PhysOrg reports on Witwatersrand researchers who’ve found tracks left by prehistoric footwear – a pair of flip-flop sandals that go back at least 75,000 years, […]

Neolithic engineers

27 October 2023 grant 0

The Guardian visits a huge, 5,000-year-old tomb complex on Scotland’s Orkney Isles that reveals a surprisingly sophisticated level of engineering know-how: The tomb measures more […]

Fossil antibiotics

27 October 2023 grant 0

Stat covers a medicine-making strategy right out of Jurassic Park, with a UPenn researcher named Cesar de la Fuente, who is looking for protein-chains called […]