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This is a space for music on the internet.

Unlike any of a number of mp3 blogs, it’s meant for YOU to put YOUR music on the web.

But unlike sites like Garageband or MySpace, we don’t accept just any music. These are songs of knowledge and discovery – songs of science.

There’s only one catch. In order to enthrall the ears of an eager internet with your music, you must first become a member of the Guild of Scientific Troubadours. This isn’t complicated, we don’t want any of your personal information, it doesn’t cost a thing, and it only takes as long as YOU want it to take.

In order to become a member of the Guild of Scientific Troubadours, all you have to do is take the Troubadour Pledge. See that link at the top of the page? That’s it.

Read it. You can recite it out loud, if you don’t mind feeling a little silly.

Follow it. It requires discipline – but challenges like this are how things get done.

Write and record a song a month – how hard can that be?

And start spreading the word!


This site is ONLY a place for Guild Members to distribute their music. It’s not a record label, radio station or anything else.

No claims to ownership of the songs are made by anyone affiliated with this site or with the Guild of Scientific Troubadours other than the song authors. You own your songs. Do with them what you will.

Please don’t complicate our lives by submitting uncredited covers or egregious samples – at the very least, try to follow your muse within the rules of fair use.

By submitting songs to this website, you’re not getting any guarantee they’ll stay up forever – based on server and bandwidth limits, content considerations, technological malfunctions and the whims of the Guildmaster, your music could disappear at any moment. But it probably won’t.

Obviously, this place is inspired by the work of Jonathan Coulton, the Popular Science troubadour and inventor of the Thing A Week project. He’s got nothing to do with this site, really, other than setting an example for us from afar.

Thank you, Mr. Coulton.

And thank you, gentle reader. Come and play!

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