Science Art: <i>MAGIC telescopes detected the highest-energy gamma rays from a Gamma Ray Burst...</i>, 2019. SONG: Sandpaper Skin Science Art: <i>Elephant Seals of Guadaloupe Island</i> Science Art: <i>Space Colony Interior</i> by Rick Guidice, c. 1975. Science Art: <i>Balkåkra Ritual Object</i>, Olof Sörling, 1917.

Science Art: MAGIC telescopes detected the highest-energy gamma rays from a Gamma Ray Burst..., 2019.

This is an illustration of MAGIC telescopes capturing images of very intense gamma rays. “MAGIC” refers to the …

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Science Art: Elephant Seals of Guadaloupe Island

This is a likeness of the elephant seals of Baja California, Mexico, as displayed in 1933 in the newly opened H…

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Science Art: Space Colony Interior by Rick Guidice, c. 1975.

This is part of a presentation created by physicist Gerard K. O’Neill – one of three “summer studies” he carrie…

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Science Art: Balkåkra Ritual Object, Olof Sörling, 1917.

This is a drum. Or a gong. Or maybe a throne. Or a model of the universe with little solar disks around the edg…

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An end to nightmares

28 October 2022 grant 0

Science News reveals a new therapy based on memory exercises that shows promise in totally doing away with nightmare disorder: Frequent, terrifying dreams disturb sleep […]

SONG: Good People Grow

25 October 2022 grant 0

SONG: “Good People Grow” [Download] . ARTIST: grant. SOURCE: Science 29 Sep 2022, “This lagoon is effectively a person, says Spanish law that’s attempting to […]