SONG: Listening Science Art: <i>Car 5400, where are you?</i>, 1965. Science Art: Alvarezsaurus calvoi, <i>Reconstruction</i>, by Karkemish. Science Art: <i>Spectacled Caiman and a False Coral Snake</i> by Dorothea Maria Graff Science Art: <i>Thumbless Bat</i>, 1857 SONG: Dream Agency

SONG: Listening

SONG: “Listening”.

ARTIST: grant.

SOURCE: Scientific American, 13 July 21, “The Neuroscience of Taking Tu…

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Science Art: Car 5400, where are you?, 1965.

This is an advertisement in the back of the May/June 1965 issue of Information Display, the journal of the Soci…

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Science Art: Alvarezsaurus calvoi, Reconstruction, by Karkemish.

A cute little dinosaur, about the size of greyhound and just as much built for speed. Which is strange, because…

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Science Art: Spectacled Caiman and a False Coral Snake by Dorothea Maria Graff

An illustration of two reptiles, from Metamorphosis insectorum Surinamensium II. These two creatures were paint…

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Science Art: Thumbless Bat, 1857

This bat is probably misnamed, since its wings are hands and it has a digit in those wings it would recognize a…

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Dragon man? Or Denisovan?

30 June 2021 grant 0

New Scientist looks at a possible new addition to the human family tree, an early human skull found in Harbin, China, and tentatively named Homo […]

SONG: Dream Agency

24 June 2021 grant 0

SONG: “Dream Agency” [Download] . ARTIST: grant. SOURCE: Science, 11 June 21, “Are advertisers coming for your dreams?,” as used in the post “Advertising in […]

Advertising in your dreams

17 June 2021 grant 0

Science magazine covers the pushback from researchers who fear a new battleground for spam and advertisers inside our sleeping minds: This week, a group of […]

Betelgeuse burped.

16 June 2021 grant 0

New Scientist explains that reason Betelgeuse recently appeared to dim in the sky was that it was expelling gas: Miguel Montargès at Sorbonne University in […]

A wooden satellite.

10 June 2021 grant 0

The European Space Agency is prepping payloads for a Finnish-built satellite made of wood with aluminum rails for launching and meatal “selfie stick” for a […]