Science Art: <i>Trojeborg, a stone labyrinth from Visby</i>, 1919 Science Art: <i>Saturn Eclipse</i>, Cassini Orbiter, 2006. Science Art: <i>The Furnaces of the World....</i>, 1912 SONG: Migration Roads Science Art: <i>Detaching Roll Mechanism</i>, 1912.

Science Art: Trojeborg, a stone labyrinth from Visby, 1919

This is an illustration from Nordisk Familjebok, a Norwegian encyclopedia from the turn of the last century. Th…

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Science Art: Saturn Eclipse, Cassini Orbiter, 2006.

This is Saturn, as photographed (yes, it’s a composite photo, not a drawing) by Cassini as it passed in front o…

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Science Art: The Furnaces of the World...., 1912

This is a Popular Mechanics illustration from 102 years ago that sounds like it could have been written today. …

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SONG: Migration Roads

SONG: “Migration Roads”. (available as .ogg here)

ARTIST: grant.

SOURCE: Based on LiveScience, 3 May 2024…

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Pleasure and placebo

25 July 2007 grant b 0

Nature plumbs the depths of one of the most mysterious processes in medicine. Researchers have found that the placebo effect – when “fake” medicine creates […]

The Noble Bonobo

25 July 2007 grant b 0

The New Yorker, of all publications, has a fascinating Ian Parker article on the natural history of the bonobo – the sexy primate that’s supposed […]

Ice Volcanoes of Charon!

24 July 2007 grant b 0

Nature brings new observations of Ice Volcanoes in Outer Space. Cook speculates that liquid water deep within Charon’s core is mixed with ammonia, which acts […]

SONG: A World Without Us.

23 July 2007 grant b 3

SONG: “A World Without Us” [Download] (To download: right-click & “Save As”) ARTIST: grant. I’m the guy who put this questionable site up on the […]

Schizophrenia in Paradise

19 July 2007 grant b 0

Science News reports on Trouble in Paradise – how feelings of “social defeat” could be responsible for triggering schizophrenia, which might explain why the otherwise […]

Weather in China

16 July 2007 grant b 0

On the one hand: China had more wars in cold weather Most of the armed conflicts in eastern China over the past 1,000 years were […]

Terms and Conditions GoST app

12 July 2007 grant 0

Terms and Conditions Last updated: January 26, 2022 Please read these terms and conditions carefully before using Our Service. Interpretation and Definitions Interpretation The words […]