SONG: Burning Libraries

20 December 2023 grant 0

SONG: “Burning Libraries” [Download] . (available as .ogg here) ARTIST: grant. SOURCE: Based on The Guardian, 12 Oct 2023, “Researchers use AI to read word […]

SONG: Fine Altar Stone

20 November 2023 grant 0

SONG: “Fine Altar Stone” [Download] . (available as .ogg here) ARTIST: grant. SOURCE: Based on IFL Science, 25 Sep 2023, “The Stonehenge Altar Stone Didn’t […]

Stone Age flip-flops

28 October 2023 grant 0

PhysOrg reports on Witwatersrand researchers who’ve found tracks left by prehistoric footwear – a pair of flip-flop sandals that go back at least 75,000 years, […]

Neolithic engineers

27 October 2023 grant 0

The Guardian visits a huge, 5,000-year-old tomb complex on Scotland’s Orkney Isles that reveals a surprisingly sophisticated level of engineering know-how: The tomb measures more […]