Hot Ice

2 November 2023 grant 0

Science Alert checks out “superionic ice,” an exotic form of ice that stays solid at extremely hot temperatures and is probably floating around inside the […]

Twinkle loudly, little star

4 August 2023 grant 0

Science Daily has the story of a research team at Northwestern University that has determined the way any particular star should twinkle – which is […]

Hawking Q&A

10 November 2010 grant b 0

Time has a vox-pop interview with professional smartypants Stephen Hawking: Does it feel like a huge responsibility to have people expecting you to have all […]

Born in Black Holes

29 December 2009 grant b 0

The World of Weird Things blog has a pretty cool look at the part played by big black holes in the origins of the universe: […]

Hello, Poindexter.

26 August 2008 grant b 0

You may or may not have noticed a new link in the “fellow travellers” area down there on the right. It’s to Hello, Poindexter!, the […]