SONG: Bang, You’re Misled

25 October 2020 grant 0

SONG: “Bang, You’re Misled” [Download] ARTIST: grant. SOURCE: Based on Defense One, 2 Oct 2020, “Can AI Detect Disinformation? A New Special Operations Program May […]

Turning the virus into a videogame.

8 July 2020 grant 0

Ireland’s RTÉ Brainstorm reveals how researchers are turning ordinary personal computers into a virus-killing supercomputer and recruiting gamers to solve puzzles that figure out COVID-19 […]

SONG: In the Ring

24 May 2020 grant 0

SONG: “In the Ring” [Download] . ARTIST: grant. SOURCE: Scientific American, 4 May 2020, “A Shiny Snack Bag’s Reflections Can Reconstruct the Room around It,” […]