Turning the virus into a videogame.

8 July 2020 grant 0

Ireland’s RTÉ Brainstorm reveals how researchers are turning ordinary personal computers into a virus-killing supercomputer and recruiting gamers to solve puzzles that figure out COVID-19 […]

SONG: Multicellular

23 October 2019 grant 0

SONG: “Multicellular” [Download] . ARTIST: grant. SOURCE: Science News, 17 October 2019, “Acrobatic choanoflagellates could help explain how multicellularity evolved,” as used in the post […]

How we became multicellular

21 October 2019 grant 1

Science News reveals the strange habits of little single-celled swimming organisms called “choanoflagellates” that tend to gather together in clusters for specialized tasks – which […]

SONG: Quantum Biology

24 November 2018 grant 0

SONG: “Quantum Biology” [Download] . ARTIST: grant. SOURCE: Scientific American, Vol. 27, Dec. 2018, “’Schrödinger’s Bacterium’ Could Be a Quantum Biology Milestone”, as used in […]