Tiny robots stitch nerves together

30 November 2020 grant 0

Science News has a report on nanoneurosurgery, using super-small, magnetically controlled machines to encourage separated neuron fibers to make new connections: Engineers Eunhee Kim and […]

A teeny, tiny NASCAR.

20 April 2017 grant 0

Nature is gearing up for small engines going… well, pretty fast for their size. Because these chemists are racing single-molecule nanocars: Six teams from three […]

Bendy ceramics.

12 September 2014 grant 0

Science Daily explores the weird, microscopic world of making ceramics that can bend and twist and smush and reform: Caltech materials scientist Julia Greer and […]

Waterproof? *METAL* proof.

26 November 2013 grant 0

Remember the superhero fashion designer in The Incredibles? Nature unfolds the true story of a “super-material” that repels liquids so well, it resists molten metal: […]

Tiny diamonds zap cancer.

11 September 2013 grant 0

PhysOrg has the brilliant news about using itty bitty flecks of precious stones to boost the power of medication to treat exceptionally stubborn cases of […]