Telescopic contact lenses

16 February 2015 grant 0

They’re not exactly pretty yet, but New Scientist has the skinny on a real James Bond-style super-gadget, telescopic contact lenses: Developed by a team led […]

SONG: “Forget” by grant.

23 October 2014 grant 0

SONG: “Forget.” [Download] ARTIST: grant. SOURCE: Based on “Manipulating memory with light: Scientists erase specific memories in mice“, Science Daily, 9 October 2014, as used […]

Anti-lightning lasers zap storms.

2 April 2014 grant 0

Laboratory Equipment wards off bad weather with a new finding… that lasers can be used to divert lightning strikes: Currently, high-intensity lasers, produced with modern […]

What’s behind your car?

8 June 2012 grant 0

PhysOrg knows, thanks to this math professor’s blind-spot-eliminating side-view mirror: A side mirror that eliminates the dangerous “blind spot” for drivers has now received a […]

A window of skin

1 July 2011 grant b 0

New Scientist sees through me like glass. In fact, my skin could be better than glass: In 2007, Allard Mosk and colleagues at Twente University […]