To take a “D” off ADHD.

17 March 2021 grant 0

Scientific American puts forward an argument for renaming the neurological, psychological, something-ological condition that we currently call ADHD: The classificatory terms we use all refer […]

The science of the will to fight.

10 September 2020 grant 0

The Economist has an interesting piece on military psychology – specifically, the research going into predicting when an opponent who is outgunned and outmanned will […]

Smiling behind the mask

4 June 2020 grant 0

Scientific American shares (in an interview with facial expression and emotion researcher Ursula Hess, deputy dean at Humboldt University) some of the physiology behind a […]

Your cat really does love you.

26 September 2019 grant 0

Or so PopSci would have you believe. That’s their take on behaviorist Kristyn Vitale’s Oregon State University study of the bonding styles of cats: Both […]