MDMA against white supremacy.

19 June 2023 grant 0

BBC reports on a simple pharmaceutical study at the University of Chicago – about the mechanism by which MDMA increased “the pleasantness of social touch” […]

An end to nightmares

28 October 2022 grant 0

Science News reveals a new therapy based on memory exercises that shows promise in totally doing away with nightmare disorder: Frequent, terrifying dreams disturb sleep […]

SONG: Dream Agency

24 June 2021 grant 0

SONG: “Dream Agency” [Download] . ARTIST: grant. SOURCE: Science, 11 June 21, “Are advertisers coming for your dreams?,” as used in the post “Advertising in […]

Advertising in your dreams

17 June 2021 grant 0

Science magazine covers the pushback from researchers who fear a new battleground for spam and advertisers inside our sleeping minds: This week, a group of […]